Most Ruthless Gang Boss Capone Became a “Peacemaker”

Can you imagine to call the “King of Chicago” the “peacemaker Capone” the most ruthless gang boss who ever existed, being a source of neutrality? I certainly couldn’t, but it turns out that the man has certain tricks in his sleeves. And yes, being a peacemaker was once one of them.

The Peacemaker Capone?

the real scarface Al Capone

The Real Scarface

He incongruously took on the role by using his charms and persuasiveness against other hoodlums. His target was to tone down, or even eradicate, gang violence altogether. How he even thought he could make that possible remains a puzzle, and whether this benefited him in any way was a question left unanswered up to this day.

How long will “peacemaker Capone” succeed in his plan?

Being as he was, he made it possible for an official reprieve to happen between two rival mobsters and their mobs. His efforts were paid off, and for two solid months there was a complete termination of gang violence and killings. However being peacemaker Capone and his small success was only temporary since the city of Chicago was already in too deep in the jaws of criminals.

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