Arrest of Al Capone for the Possession of Concealed Weapon

The arrest of Al Capone was the goal of this man. “I want that man in jail” was what President Herbert Hoover said to his secretary. He was talking about Al Capone that time since the latter’s unlawful activities were attracting too much attention.

FBI Agent Eliot Ness

FBI Agent Eliot Ness 1930

Since Andrew Mellon, the president’s secretary of Treasury, was well aware of Capone’s sheer strike with luck, he set out men to find hard evidences to finally put Capone in his place, behind bars. Due to the many failed attempts to find enough evidence to stop Capone’s illegal activities, Mellon had men look into his other misdemeanors. With fresh eyes, they set out to prove Capone’s income tax evasion before again returning to the daunting task of tracking down the ever elusive evidence to charge him for Prohibition violations.

Already given the order to gather evidence for Capone’s Prohibition violations, Eliot Ness, a talented US Prohibition Bureau agent, gathered his team to the arrest of Al Capone. He was also known for his wide-ranging utilization of wire tapping for this particular case. Having Capone’s tax evasion to look forward to, the government was in high spirits. When they thought they had enough evidence, they waited for the right time to arrest him.

Capone MugshotThe right time came on May 1929, where Capone was arrested just outside a cinema when he was just leaving after watching a movie. The reason for the arrest of Al Capone was possession of a concealed weapon.

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